I am a “Nobody”

In life we think that we are invincible and that nobody can hurt us. We backup our reasons for being the way we are or the things we do with reasons that benefit us. But life is a great leveler. Sometimes we have to overlook the things even if we think that they are shortcomings or wrong doings. We have to leave it to life to do the justice that we so seek. I don’t do that….. I think that the onus is on me to right the wrong and very often I pay for the same. The important thing to remember here is that I am…… “A Nobody”. Justice and judgment are concepts that take place on their own. What we sow….. We will reap. I do not think that people take rebirth or that we have to take rebirth to pay for our sins. I believe that we pay for the things that we do here and now….. sometimes…. later, but we do pay. All we have is just this one life. We are not invincible and nobody is right or wrong. Somebody’s right is definitely another person’s wrong. It is totally perceptive.

Life is a great master and teacher who evens out everybody. There is nothing we do that can alter our destiny. We have to pay for our sins or be rewarded for our doings. Let life decide who is what. In the yrs that I have lived I have seen life even out people. I will be absolutely micro and say that if we take responsibility of only ourselves should be enough. We really do not need to check or pass judgment over somebody else’s sayings or doings. Life does it for us. But still I am agitated when I am wronged and want things to change. But do things really change??? Yes they do!!! Sooner or later they do whether or not we are there to witness it at that moment or not. Life is definitely a great leveler.

I had a great one yr to live with my parents. I have wanted to do it for a long time. Did I like it???? I realized that I have changed and that circumstances and people are just the same…… It is just my expectations of and from people that have changed. In some cases I expect more and in others I am stunned with what I get. Around me I find people of all shapes and sizes from different aspects of life being judgmental whether or not they are aware of it. The point is to let go and to tell yourself that it is not your place or job to right the things you think are wrong. Its just our alter ego who thinks that we can change anything. They will be taught by the master even you for your snooty self will be brought to task by the master.

Who am I after all to decide? Our invincibility is challenged to the extent and up until the time when we finally agree upon our “nobody” status.

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