HAPPY BORN DAY !!! I was born today !!! and all you guys who were born with me…… happy born day!!!!

This was the day when Ma said “FINALLY”!!! because she had got admitted three times before the due date……… false alarm and then when the due date passed and i refused to make an appearance Dr Banoo Coyaji had to force me out!!! guess i really liked it in there!!!!

Guess what…….. I completely forgot about my birthday…… but again thanks to Christy……. she sent a mail reminding everybody about my birthday and bingo i remembered !!! I thought there were a few more days to my birthday…… my fault did not change the calender. Was actually preoccupied but wat the heck this is something to remember….. because a narcissist that I am i have never ever forgotten my birthday and reminded everybody at home about the same days in advance. So i guess I am not so much of a narcissist after all!!!….. [but a little self obsessed i guess because yesterday rather today (never know whether 12:00 is yesterday or today) at 12:00 midnight I actually woke up rajdeep to get him to wish me!!!] As Meeta said I am definitely becoming buddhi……. Guess my birthday resolution this year, will be to read up all about Alzeimers!!!!

It is just 11:00 and everybody already called me !!! Ambu even sang a happy birthday to me and sent it via voice message. It feels great that all my friends and family remember me!!!! Ma and dad were going to come in from Pune but some last minute thing happened and they wont be able to make it….. probably next week. My friend with whom I had no contact with almost a year sent me a message and so did all my other friends. My whole family including my bro in laws called up and wished me….. It feels nice…… though I am going to miss Ma and dad!!! They told me today morning that they were going to surprise me by just dropping in. I would have LOVED that…… but i guess I cant expect everything to be perrrfect.

Rajdeep gifted me a new handset…… mine was this basic model which i soooo hated and really wanted to change since eons. It was a disgusting walkie talkie that I never could hear from and the phone never ever worked when i wanted it to work….. always died up on me!!! I used to have to hang my self from the window/balcony just to talk to anybody. So I am more than happy to get this new handset.

Birthdays for me are days of introspection. Today I sit down with my diary and review the year that went by and make plans and strategies for the coming year. Sound dreadfully boring na ??? but this is what keeps me in check and shows me where i stand in my life and helps me from guilts and hurts and make ammends to mistakes that I have committed. In short make my balance sheet…….. and my emotional and financial budgets for the next year. Also have to manage my liabilities…. well my assets always take care of themselves so it is only checking my sinking fund to make sure I have enough for my sundry debtors and most importantly managing my losses(all of them emotional because financial I always take care of them as and when they come). Also make sure that they are paid off this year.

Every year I always decide to do a quarterly review but then when it does come to it I get real lazy and never get around to doing it. So I just have to accept my pitfalls and cut my losses when i can. Like the indian government though my balance sheet always shows growth I never ever really make profits. Though I reach my projected growth (not always) I never really achieve the graph that shows going up and up and up. This year too I am not expecting much from myself. But my greatest fear of all is showing no change in the graph or a negative growth……..That is something out of my nightmare….. a ramsay brothers production……. which is named as “Ranu the vegetable”….. where i resemble a cabbage or an aubergine!!!

My afternoon today will therefore be spent in preparing my emotional balance sheet and I am definitely going to balance it….. I do it every year…… balancing is one of my assets!!! and no i don’t cook today…….. It is definitely a leisure dinner!!! I heard of this new place which had excellent grills….. maybe if the hubby is ok with it I will go there. I sign off today by again wishing all you guys who share my birthday with me…… HAVE A NICE DAY!!! I will definitely have one today.

PS: Just to surprise you all…… rather flaunt my memory……… today is Sanjeev Kumar’s death anniversary!!!………. NAHHHHH!!! Not me…….. courtesy My fabulous sis who mentioned it when she called to wish me….. guess she wishes me to pray for his soul!!! I AM GOOD!!! so will do it… pray i mean!!!

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  1. Reply
    Ranu November 15, 2008

    Thx Anuja

  2. Reply
    Lonely Princess November 13, 2008

    Hey Ranu. wish u a belated happy bday! Havent been able to chk ur blog in a while else wud’v wished u earlier… may all ur dreams come true!!!


  3. Reply
    Ranu November 6, 2008

    thanks dhir !!!! got ur txt in the morning. Guys is a unisex word for men and women.

  4. Reply
    hitch writer November 6, 2008

    happy birthday!! hey i texted also.. btw wishing only guys?? what bout the thousands of gals born today… Now now…

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