Giving and Receiving

These three pics are my version of giving and receiving. It shows hands offering prayers and flowers and taking blessings. I am Hindu. We believe that the fire is the most pure element and hence we seek blessings from it. 
Posting it in FMTSO 
Flowers and leaves (Basil and Bael) are offered to the deity. 

Flowers are a very important feature in all prayers. Check here for more details.
Receiving blessings from the Aarti. 

This pic was chosen as one of the spotlight pics in Friday My Town Shoot-Out : Theme : Arms and Legs.

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  1. Reply
    EG Wow January 13, 2012

    I very much like your take on this these. Well done!

  2. Reply
    Bagman and Butler January 13, 2012

    A wonderful meditative shoot. There is a sense of peacefulness that comes from just looking at these pictures.

  3. Reply
    Ann January 13, 2012

    strong hands, what about walking over burning charcoal?

    • Reply
      Ranu January 13, 2012

      Hey Ann…. Thanks a lot for the comment!!!

      Fire is considered very pure among Hindus. No Hindu ritual can be complete without the presence of fire. From birth to death…… fire is the most holy factor in any and all rituals. Infact no Hindu marriage is considered fully solemnized without the saptapadi ie taking the seven vows while walking round the fire seven times.

      There are certain sects in India who believe that walking on fire will absolve them of their sins…… the belief comes from the holy text Ramayana where Seeta gives the agnipariksha where if she is pure she will walk thru the fire and come out unscathed else the fire will consume her…… obviously she comes out unscathed…… since then some sects walk over fire believing that it will absolve them of their sins.

      The pic that i put up was that of a Havan where the fire is lit and offerings of uncooked rice, ghee, fruits, sweets, flowers, incense and bel leaves are offered into the fire along with chants of sanskrit mantras. It is believed that whatever is offered into the fire goes directly to the God.

  4. Reply
    DawnTreader January 13, 2012

    Beautiful hands-photos!

  5. Reply
    Jama January 13, 2012

    Gorgeous photos!

  6. Reply
    (Queenmothermamaw) Peggy January 13, 2012

    Absolutely love these photos. The ones over the flames is amazing.

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