Fusion music

I love music of any kind and creed no language barriers. I am especially partial to Indian folk. I simply love folk. Bengali folk is my favorite: The bhatialis and Bouls. The coke studio @ MTV is something that was probably made for the likes of me. Especially this fusion number…… I have always been a fan of bihu and Bhupen Hazarika but this song has made me a total fan of Khagen Gogoi as well. I have no idea what he is singing about but the music is wonderful!!! It feels like the fresh wind from the hills. It is sooo soft with no edges it is fluid!!! soft smooth and extremely curvy no bones!!! The sounds of drums with dhol and kartal flute and gogona. Simply mind blowing !!!! You can almost see the women dancing the bihu to this number!!!

The Bhatiali fusion with Majhi re was also good but could have been better!!! The others were also good…… also liked the fusion of qawwali but this was my favoritest!!! I watched the others tapped feet on some but with this one I danced!!!

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