Dhunuchi Dance

Dhunuchi dance is a traditional dance usually done during pujas especially Durga Puja as part of the aarti. Men and women dance in frenzy on the sounds of the dhak (drum) carrying an earthen Dhunuchi which has some coconut husk which burns slowly in turn burning the frankincense kept on it. The result is a lot of smoke and lot of dancing. The dancers dance with more than two dhunuchis at a time : one in each hand and one in the mouth between the teeth. The dancers dance enthralled to the different tunes of the drum…… sometimes slow at other times faster. The dancing gets more and more vigorous as the night goes by and climax is something worth watching. I took these pics on a very high ISO because of the darkness and the smoke. Actually its a miracle I got anything at all !!! The dancers were so fast and there was absolutely no place to place a tripod. The audience clapping and closing in on the dancers did not help either. But very honestly you will enjoy more if you get to see it live. The dancers dancing….. the smell of the frankincense….. the sounds of the dhak…….. the goddess smiling at you……. and the audience……. It was simply beautiful. I had an absolute fabulous time to the extent at times I forget to press the shutter. 

Here she has three dhunuchis : one in each hand and one in her mouth.
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