Its finally raining in Mumbai and the rain gods have finally relented to favour us with their presence and we have the “MUMBAI RAINS” at last.

“RAINS”……. brings mixed emotions today….. one is of being real scared on being reminded of the 2006 floods and cloud bursts….. and the other one of the rains in Pune…… of Sinhagad and of bhajji-tak and cutting chai and sutta…… I miss those so much. Occasionally when i am really into the nostalgia i cant hold myself any longer and leave the confines of my closed environment to that of nature’s bounty. I think a walk in the rain is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

I went to the Pavana dam recently….. Man was it beautiful !!! I was apprehensive!!! as of late anywhere u go in Lonavla, u r surrounded by masses and masses and masses of people. This was different!!! It reminded me so much of my favorite place – sinhagad, that it actually made me miss the place helluva lot. I remember the clouds touching my hair and face and getting wet even though it is not raining at all. I remember the different shades of greens. I remember mist and fog and the beauty of the hills and the ruins of sinhagad….. to me that is paradise !!! I have never felt happier in any other place as it did there…. It is a place that warms my heart on a bleak and depressing day. Just the thought of the place fills my heart with security i very often crave.

Pavana dam was one such place. The dam is situated on top of the hill and unlike my other drives when i was “RIDING” (thts wat u do on a bike… I was told recently…. I always thought i was “DRIVING”) here i was inside a tin ka dibba…. though my husband reminds me very often…. infact every time i say this….. that if it wasnt for the car, i wouldnt have been able to go there……. Even thru the tin ka dibba, man was it beautiful!!! I loved the drive!!! I had the wind breezing through my hair and my face and i really felt alive after a very long time. We crossed small villages, lots of them. We went by the small tubewells where women filled water and the small houses…. I love those !!! They so screech of the simple existence that i always craved for that i couldnt hold back the tears that welled up!!! Of women baking the bhakris and washing vessels……. Simplicity !!! Man…… i love it !!!

We reached the dam and i was stunned to see it!!! It is surrounded on all sides by hills and in the middle is the tranquil water of the Pavana river. It was real beautiful!!! It sort of sucked in all the strain unhappiness and all the worries that i was seething with. I had the best company in the world too!!! Sanjana !!! Can the world get any better ???

Sanjana is rajdeep’s friend’s daughter. She is so cute and so innocent that everytime i meet her i come back with a smile on my face and she so touches the realms of my heart that i cant say anymore. We actually have a conversation for hours and i love the way she so trustingly holds my hand !!! I love the kid and i was so glad to have her for company than anybody else in the world. I think the place became more special to me because of her.

The waterfall in the hills was amazing no i didnt venture into it, but it really looked very enticing and tranquil. I was told that there are boating and other facilities as well there and we could see that the place was getting developed. It was a paradise among the busy cities of pune and mumbai and when u reach there u really dont believe that something so beautiful exists so close to u and it is something that really puts back the peace into ur heart that the city takes away from you. I cant say that the place is the most beautiful place but it is one of the most peaceful place that i have been to of late. I cant rate it as the best place as Sinhagad still reins in my heart but it is BEAUTIFUL!!! Something nature has really spent time in creating. I was told that “there is a lot of peace and happiness in the world enough for everyone” If i believe in this statement, I think this is the place that puts back peace in your heart. The tranquil waters of Pavana, the protective hills which make u feel that nobody and nobody can hurt u, the greenery cools down the aching temples, the cham cham waterfall that sings its melancholy song made me so happy and the rain which destresses u. It is definitely nature at its best.

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