This weekend I spent three fourths of the morning at my favorite place CROSSWORD. I haven’t really done that in a very long time. I love the smell of new books and love sitting in the middle with books all around me, reading. I actually fully read one amar chitra katha…. I was planning on taking it for my niece. It is so easy to get lost in between books.

This is a love shared by both of us so every time we enter crossword together and then we go our ways and when i am through (which never happens) usually it is something I remember that we have to do and then have to leave…. I give him a call and then both of us very reluctantly leave the place…… our Mecca!!!

Lunch was a subway sandwich. We spent the rest of the morning at Hypercity!!! Fabulous place!!! I went bonkers seeing the wide array of cheeses available. Earlier if you wanted to make any kind of continental you would have to use substitutes of cheeses…… usually it is hung curd……. or rely on ABC farm’s cheeses which you would have to buy in large quantities and store. Here you can just buy how much you want without having to bother about storing it.

It was a very satisfying experience. I got a craft book for myself because my library provides me with all the latest fiction and nonfiction books that I require but I badly needed a book which dealt with candle making….. I’ve been wanting to try varieties for a very long time….. specially carving…. I finally found what I was looking for. Rajdeep took a book he has been wanting to read for a very long time “Catch 22″….. I get to read that too!!! After him though…. I still have some very interesting stuff to complete before I get onto serious reading. Most of the times after a day of complexities I don’t feel like reading heavy duty books more something like a Mills and Boon. Did you know that they still publish those. I thought that they were gone and done with. Apparently no!!! I saw some new issues at Crossword and what’s more they are being printed at our very own mumbai!!! Can it get any better???

I also banged into some very old friends!!! It was good catching up!!! All in all it was a very good weekend !!!

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