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I started gymming today. It was the usual warm-up, work-outs, cardio, gym, yoga and cool down. I am very comfortable with this routine. I have already done this before……. one slight change….. In Talwalkar, my trainer was KHADOOS in caps and bold. He made me work-out like a dog….. yeah I lost oodles of weight!!! This trainer is really cool…… very laid back and does not say much when I cheated….. unlike my original trainer who made me double the sets when I cheated!!! I am by nature very lazy and find every opportunity to cheat to do less physical labor…… I know all the story about being sincere to oneself and me being the loser if I cheated……. but that is something engraved in my nature….. and I really need someone to push me really PUSH me!!!

In Talwalkar my trainer was rude to the point that sometimes people even felt sympathy for me!!! but man he really changed my life……. From being a pudgy and fat person….. he got me to work-out curves that I had lost!!!! Once he made me do so many squats and obliques that even after I came home and hours later I could actually feel the fat burning.

I became a fitness freak after I started having problems with my health. You wont believe my eccentricities at counting calories and using oil and sugar in food. All I can say is that I am eccentric to the point of embarrassment at times to poor hubs. I was fed up of doing thyroid and blood-sugar tests given by the doctors. Incidentally last week my doc made me do a thyroid test again and it again came normal. The doctors just don’t believe the reports that I show them and make me redo them again and again to the point that now if someone even asks me casually have you checked your thyroid I give them real bad looks!!!

Fitness does not mean losing weight alone. It also means getting a proper diet and eating right and healthy. The problem with me is that I hate eating!!! Yeah right I still wonder where all the fat comes from if I am not eating. That my friend is the topic for my next research which will be done very sincerely and whose report I will definitely put up. For this session of weight loss I am going to eat right!!! Lets see how that works out!!!

At Talwalkars I used to have my trainer force food down my throat make me work-out and then dump me for a massage and steam and sauna……. thankfully he did not do the honors to come in and time my steam and sauna!!! Well I cheated there….. I hate sweating !!! and everytime I do start sweating I used to start swabbing with my towel and that was the joke!!! everybody used to laugh at that!!!

I had a great time at Talwalkars…… It would have been my first choice in any case but this gym is close to my place…… that was another reason for bunking gym in Talwalkar. Hubs is not taking any chances this time with me cheating et al!!!

Hopefully I will achieve my targets this time. I keep my fingers crossed !!! Amen to that !!!

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  1. Reply
    hitch writer February 17, 2009

    hey your tagged… visit my last post… i would love to see you doing that tag !!!!

  2. Reply
    hitch writer February 17, 2009

    geee i need to start jogging again !!!

  3. Reply
    Ranu February 17, 2009

    thank you!!! I am really hoping that my conviction stays 🙂

  4. Reply
    nsiyer February 16, 2009

    Interesting! I do gym regularly. For me it is a question of how disciplined I can be. I keep on and the day I dont go, I feel I have not kept my word.
    Happy gymming!, all the best.

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