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Monkey cleanup

Cotton-top Tamarin

White-faced Saki Monkey

Interiors anyone……

OMG!!! I think I have vertigo!!!

C is for Curious Kitty

Bored Bear

I took this pic in Singapore Zoo. This is a Polar Bear. The environment has been created for him so that he wouldn’t miss home. A glass ice pool has been created for them so that we can see them even when they are underwater. 

The Polar Bear is very popular with small children and there were many of them watching the bears. It was a very hot day and the Polar Bear was underwater the whole time I was there. For a few moments that it came up it just kept its back towards the people watching him. He seemed quite bored and disgusted with humans. I kind of understand him…… I mean who likes to be stared at all the time…… “How about some privacy humans???”

The other bears totally refused to come out of the cave that has been created for them. Thankfully for this one! Else I would have no pic to show to you.


I took this pic in my recent visit to Panchgani. The tableland is home to a large number of monkeys. They have a peaceful existence there and is often seen frolicking with their friends. This particular monkey grabbed a bottle of water from one of the visitors and opened the bottle with his hands and drank like anybody would unlike the other monkeys who bit of the end of the bottle to have a drink.

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