Carpet and mask cleaning.

Carpets are one of the best things invented by man. Since carpets you dont really need to have very good flooring for your home for it to look good. You just throw in a carpet. Carpets come wide varieties: the silk ones, the woolen ones, the plastic ones, or simple cotton ones, or the more expensive persian ones.

It takes a very long time and thought to choose the right carpet for your home. You not only have to take into account the aesthetic tastes of all the family members but also the best thing that you can easily maintain which also takes least maintenance. The best thing about having a carpet is that you dont really need to clean your house on a daily basis. You just as in the proverb push things under the carpet and your house looks beautiful.

The carpet therefore not only minimises the everyday hassle of cleaning the house and making it look beautiful it is also a store room for a lot of dust and germs and lots of other bad stuff that you keep putting on your to do list to clean up…… eventually….. Some day!!! Until members of your family eventually start having problems with your precious carpet. You either wait for your customary spring cleaning or just a quick dust or a quick surface vaccuum which does eliminate the dust from the surface but the ones that have penetrated deep into the carpet stay right there….. they just stay there and slowly you have colonies of germs in your home. Ultimately that one precious carpet renders your whole home unhygienic and even if you throw away the carpet the damage done to your entire home is already done and you really cant undo that.

Human beings do the same things with masks that they wear to sometimes cover their true emotions/nature, sometimes to be amiable to masses around you, and sometimes to just avoid controversies, sometimes just for the heck of it so that nobody around your bothers you and peace reigns. Evenutally the spring cleaning dwindles down to the time when you hardly address your problems and either postpone it or just dont give any credit to it. Until your psychological problems start manifesting itself physically and you just have to address them or face the fear of a complete breakdown.

The edge is so sharp that you really cant not cut yourself and even if you actually do address them you really have to face so much that rediscovering yourself itself is an effort because until then you will have changed and you have a serious identity crisis. You cant start afresh by not cleaning up the already accumulated dirt. The forgotten dirt always catches up.

Rediscovering yourself is a pain, a big time effort. What you find in the end might scare you to death. It requires hell of a lot of patience and super human support from the masses around you. One mistake in judging what you are could crumble the whole carpeted person up totally. The person becomes so sensitive to judgments that even a judgemental eye could do a lot of damage and the self confidence really really needs to be worked upon. What you need at these times is unconditional love and support.

The most important lesson that I learnt of it is that I really have to understand my limitations at all times and whatever be the case I really have to be happy with what I really am……. irrespective of any person’s views about me. I actually discovered that: I am a nice person…… contrary to what I believed all these years and what others made me believe all these years. I hate being a phoenix every few years but this time I realised that when it is dark there is only me to hold my own hand though i had hubby’s voice directing me to where i could go. Even then the choice was mine as to where I went. I hit my back to the wall….. atleast what i thought was a wall….. I can only go forward now. I wont use a carpet again….. atleast that is my conviction today…… people can accept me as I am or go to hell!!!

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    Kavi November 11, 2010

    Every person has different sides to himself or herself !!

    Am glad that you re-discovering yourself and doing it so very well !!

    Well done !

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