bye bye khujlibaba…….. Pune here I come !!!!

It is already raining in Pune and my sisters have been calling me again and again much to my chagrin!!! I am jealous!!! But the best thing about the whole thing is that I will be going to Pune in a couple of days time and I will be able to not itch and say goodbye to beloved khujlibaba!!!

Got Ma to paint some pots…… my niece broke some of my pottery……. so ma felt bad and offered to paint some for me. The first one was for fun!!! It was ATROCIOUS!!! but she got the hang of it and after a very long time she actually painted. She was very good at such stuff but over the years bringing us up our schools then our colleges then our hobbies all of it made her give her hobby a back seat and now after a very long time she is back again at painting. The hand shivers!!! It does to all first timers but then after sometime things start to materialise and the hand becomes more steady and the outcome more beautiful. Yeah as I type she is making a very beautiful piece and she hasn’t even screamed at me for keeping my casted foot hanging for the last half an hour.

I believe that one should not give up things that one loves. It is these things that keeps us sane in very trying times and it is these things that gives our heart and soul the much required soul curry!!! Hubs boss has refused him holidays to take care of his beloved wife so I am being bundled to ma’s place……. because I am self destructive and can’t be left alone with the cast….. but hopefully after sunday it will be goodbye to khujlibaba!!!

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    Sucharita Sarkar June 7, 2009

    Glad to know that you will are going to have some serious TLC from your mother.

    Get well soon!

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    Ranu June 6, 2009

    @Suranga true about khujlibaba only difference here is that I can only stare at the itch and not do anything about it……. only stare that is frustrating !!!!

    @Kavi thnx for enlightening me…… I was wondering why hubs is so happy since morning today and he is also being extra sweet to me he usually gets sullen that he has to eat his own cooked food!!!

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    Kavi June 6, 2009

    Pottery and poetry are never to be given up. Never at all.

    So,the hubs going to have a nice time..!! 😉

    Enjoy your trip !

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    Ugich Konitari June 6, 2009

    Yes, I too just heard about the rains in Pune . Unlike Mumbai, rains are wonderful in Pune. I hope you have a nice recuperation in Pune, fussed over by so many folks, and that your cast comes out soon.

    There is so much khujlibaba stuff happening even without fractures and casts…. 🙁

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