broken feet do have its advantages!!!

Today I was at my wits end as to what I should do………. so after a very long time I took to chatting and just put a big thing on my yahoo messenger that someone should please talk to me. It was kind of advertising for desperate attention but who cares desperate situations need desperate measures. You know I did not even have yahoo messenger on my comp. I actually downloaded the damn thing and then started to chat with my friends. I met a very old friend of mine after a very long time. It was fun catching up. Broken feet do have their advantages!!!

See I am looking at things positively. Still am not able to read……. still lacking the patience for it but man it is fun if I am to look at things positively. I pinged almost all my friends whose id i had and asked them to chat with me. Some replied, some felt pity and replied whatever be the reasons I spoke to a lot of people after a very long time. It was good fun!!!

Ma made me lots of tasty stuff like cutlets and begun bhajas. Its not bad at all BUT I still don’t like the damn cast!!! and it just won’t rain!!! It is so damn hot and me I have become the reincarnation of khujlibaba and am taking a bath almost three to four times to the extent that Ma and dad are filling every available vessel to store precious water.

I sometimes wonder what is more costly air conditioner, electricity or potable water. There is an acute shortage of all three. I wonder which is more acute. The AC is apparently punching holes in the ozone layer, electricity shortage is so acute that people have started making alternatives to electrical appliances and the grinding stone is back in vogue in middle class homes. Potable water is the most precious of all. I have been to villages in Maharashtra which face droughts every year. The women folk there carry water across kilometres every day so much that they have become bald on the top of their heads carrying pots of water.

With the sweltering heat doing its rounds and my bouts of itching increasing with the increasing temperature, I wonder what should be the options for heat peedit people like us. Al Gore says recycle and grow more trees. In my society there are so many trees that we have to actually ask them to cut some branches so that we can have some sunlight inside the house not to mention the balconies of every home and grills of the windows. As far as recycling we are already recycling waste to bio gas but it is still hotttttt and the heat is only going to increase every year.

I close with an earnest prayer to all the rain gods !!! relent damn you and give us water!!! (I have broken feet so I am legally allowed to swear)

And a last note: all of you (my friends I mean) come and meet me or atleast call me and keep me occupied till I am decasted (which wont be long……. I am still negotiating)!!!

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    Ranu June 6, 2009

    @ Sucharita believe me when I say I am TRYING to be positive. The nights are bad when the whole house is up with me taking my full form of the elusive Kujlibaba……. all postitivity vanishes with the advent of HIS HIGHNESS!!!

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    Sucharita Sarkar June 5, 2009

    Here’s hoping you will be cast-off soon!

    You are very brave to look at the positive side of the plaster. I am a bigtime cribber myself.

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