I took this pic when my dad was performing Shiva Puja during the Mahashivaratri festival. The book is printed in the Bengali script and is about the stories pertaining to the festival and the procedure of the puja. This was a random shot which I took but my dad’s finger on the book as he read it made it a nice composition. This book has been in my house since I remember. Much older than me in age….. kind of torn and beaten and has seen better days. It is brought out every year before every Mahashivaratri Puja and then kept back only to bring out the next year.
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    Molly November 24, 2014

    Great composition! Love the old book and the ‘age’ of the hand holding it


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    MarjaK November 23, 2014

    Sweet memories!
    Very nice picture!

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    ♫ Mel☺dy ♫ November 23, 2014

    Seems like a very precious posession.
    I’ve read a little about the festival…. to know what its all about…. beeing dutch i don’t know much about your culture.

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