Are we on the brink of another war???

The news channels for some reason are just about maintaining their peace for once specially after the tremendous hue and cry from the public at large. But the news from the other side is not really that good either with all the terrorist groups joining forces and lending their support to Pakistan to fight their common enemy…… India…… in some cases dushmano ka dost – dushman (India being friends with the US and Israel)

Is this another case of Saddam taking over Kuwait??? The army has suddenly got active and the while Antulay and the other political leaders are creating petty squabbles and giving food to the hungry media….. India is strenthening the border. Are we on the brink of war or is just another case where there is “maru kya…. maru kya” scene on the border and then the whole thing stops. The Mumbai terror attacks have created a lot of public outrage and maybe the Congress in bid to win the upcoming elections go ahead with the war…… but the most important question is….. can we afford a war at this juncture of recession.

Lots of people have already lost their jobs. Companies are closing down and there have been no new ventures started recently only companies that are closing down. The only way the sensex is plunging is downwards (yeah there have been some ups as well….. but only seems a mirage to me). The people have lost faith in the current government and they are trying hard to re-compose themselves and their so-called PR with the people of India. Inflation is going down but isnt this a load on our exchequer??? specially with the global meltdown and all that. Will our exchequer be able to take the burden of another war??? Will the politicians in a bid to secure votes and improve their PR with the people put our country at a risk……. We have not yet got over the losses of Kargil. Is war the only option left???

While we blame Pakistan for the attacks in India….. so do Pakistan specially the burning of the Marriott some time back. The proxy war has been going on for a long time with the US trying to intervene for a long time and at the same time providing the military support to Pakistan and India strengthening its ties with China. We are all nuclear powers today. It makes the whole story so much more scary. I do not understand this game of chess that is going on…… only the diplomats can really say what the scene could be but I still think that we cant afford a war at this time.

As a common man….. I am worried about my daily expenses increasing and me not being able to tide through this recession. I am worried that when I go out from home what attacks I will be facing…. I fear for the security of me and my family. I fear that another war will cripple the economy….. we including the politicians have all worked very hard to bring our country to where it is today….. won’t a war nullify all our efforts in that direction??? but the main question plaguing us today is can we afford a war??? is there no other option???

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    hitch writer December 24, 2008

    Read my latest post…. this neighbouring country needs to be given a piece of my mind….

    You think our country is not sensible… its been too sensible….

    This is not an election issue…

    Our neighbours are mocking at us

    Still our country has been sensible so far getting the world on our side….

    But these people are mocking too much …. its about time to give them a piece of our mind…!!

    Read my latest post

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    Ranu December 24, 2008

    Innocent people have died before…. Pakistan has been accused before. This whole charade that is happening now has happened before only one teeny-meeny difference the elections are on the anvil and the current government is desperate. Desperate situations require desperate measures. I wont be surprised if in desperation they choose to go ahead with the war. Main thing is still more people are going to die. Pakistan has already taken a warlike atmosphere. Look out for and other online newspapers with non indian origin you should get the true picture…. This is a chance for everybody to PROVE….. Patriotism….. the media the govt all of them they want medals….. at what cost…. LIVES of innocent people.

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    hitch writer December 24, 2008

    Have faith, our top leadership brass is trying its best to avoid a war….

    Problem is our neighbours think all the time they can get away with murdering us.

    The public has had enough of this double play.

    Infact if our top leadership were to go on public opinion there would have been a war already.

    But Pakistan’s double talk cannot be allowed to continue. The planners behind these attacks in Mumbai must be punished. Pakistan must help in this cause. If they cannot help, India would be left with no other option but to go after the killers themselves. If Pakistan wants to protect them still than we will be not left with any other option but WAR !.

    However remember it will be only the last option, i have that much faith in our country’s Prime Minister.

    Innocent people lost lives in Mumbai and the people behind this must be penalised whatever cost it takes

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