another weekend goes by!!!!

Another weekend……. this one very close to new years. I spent it in watching two new movies. Yeah I no…… I was supposed to be studying. Don’t worry I will get into the groove of the whole thing very soon. It does take me time that I have to re-organise my life so I spent the weekend conceptualising the whole new dimension of my life. I really am a control freak so for me to get into the groove is really taking time. Perhaps I am making excuses for myself and as usual time is the only thing that is not in my hands.

By the way I stumbled upon this nice site with lots of quotes with good pics so i am going to put up one for my benefit everyday.

The movies that I saw Rab ne bana di jodi and Oh my god!!!…… that is the name of the movie. Thankfully the second one was comedy and the first one could not make me cry so i guess it wasn’t too bad.

Rab ne bana di jodi is a fulltu punjabi drama……. with Shahrukh’s melodrama!!!! too much actually….. The story is about a girl who is to get married to her boyfriend who dies and shahrukh steps into his shoes and marries her himself instead. Shahrukh is the typical small town, middle class bachelor who lives alone, cooks for himself, puts in more than required hours at work, no friends…… in short boring life. He falls in love with his wife but wife does not love him…… she is the typical case of “being in love with love”. Eventually he gets her to love him in return….. The only sane thing in the whole movie is the girl (anushka). Her character has been designed beautifully……… she is absolutely sane and balanced….. I loved her character…… very real. In he end after one dance competition, one wrestling match, one motorcycle chase and the entire entourage of the city of Amritsar the couple go for their honeymoon to JAPAN!!!! amazing na……. happens only in our very own bollywood…….. well also in James bond movies…… take your pick!!!!

The other movie Oh my God !!! is a case where God is confused about his own creation. The story is of the classic case of thoda hai thode ki zaroorat hai. It is the story of an honest man who wants to get the little something extra in life and in his pursuit for the mirage he forgets /overlooks the simple pleasures that his life gives to him. The characters are beautiful and very real!!! The main protagonist in the movie played by Vinay Pathak is a great fan of Dhirubhai Ambani and wants to become like him his wife played by Divya Dutta is always supporting him in his eccentricities and truly his anchor. The movie pushed the point that in trying to get something that is not with us…….. we might even lose what we have and miss out on the true joys of life……. not really funny but it does not fail to make you smile.

As for me I have to really pull up my socks and get on with my studies……… lots to do……. !!!

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    Ranu January 6, 2009

    good for you dhir !!!

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    hitch writer December 22, 2008

    This weekend was coool !!! we went trekking sunday morning…. nice trek… Ralamandal Sanctuary will soon share pics with you…

    Thanks to bigflix got the original DVD of THE GHOST & THE DARKNESS and saw it after a long long long time….

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