Aftermath of the killings

As Mumbai’s elite get back to their routine of parties and their trips to counsellors to get over the trauma of the killing, I would like to point one thing that was very much evident everybody spoke of the killings at the elite five star hotels but somehow nobody mentioned the people who died at the gunfire in VT station….. is death glorified only for the rich and the elite??? or maybe you need to have a different color skin and eyes and hair to make headlines and get international support….. guess the guys understood that

There were a fair number of text messages going to and fro about Raj Thackeray not being there anywhere in the scene….. probably asleep in his Shivaji Park home.

Yesterday I read an article in the Times the link of which i am posting HERE do go through it. It is interesting because it gives a new perspective to the Jihad that the LeT and Al Qaeda believes in also there is this one by salman rushdie which throws new light on the situation

Tomorrow is a very dear friend’s birthday with whom I have no contact. So I would just like to wish



I close today with that note. Have a nice weekend !!!

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