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The aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai are really get funny…… The eccentricities of the ministers puts my humble eccentricities to shame. Well, some minister, Muqtar Naqvi, has a problem with women wearing powder and lipstick and lighting candles in that combination. How disgusting can it get….. First the Home Minister too busy changing clothes then the Chief Minister taking his actor son and director R G Verma on a tour of the blast site and then the deputy Chief Minister quoting Shah rukh Khan in DDLJ and then another minister using doggy ephithets to talk about the family of the martyr of the blast.

While all this drama has been going on there have been fresh blasts in the North east why is nobody talking about that.

The most sane comments came surprisingly Shiv Sena who said that we should implement President’s rule in Mumbai…… Well atleast somebody is thinking of the city over themselves.

The best point in the whole thing was that at last Pranob babu is finally talking tough with Pakistan and this has had Rice fly over asap to smoothen feathers. Are we on a brink of another war….. (A nuke or bio one this time !!!!) We have not yet got over our loss at Kargil but the deployment of troops by both the countries in the borders does raise questions. But Rice flying over and running around between countries does raise eyebrows plus a war at the time of recession will show very badly on our exchequer…….. dont forget the whole global financial melt down and so on.

Only the future can tell us what will happen…… !!!! As the nuns in our school made us do all the time…… lets pray for the best!!! sounds fatalistic but thats all we can do at this time.

Is my blog getting atypical??? I hope not!!!!

Just ending it at a humorous note!!!

Rakhi Sawant has said that if she was air dropped she would have danced and seduced the terrorists to submission !!!

some sms’s that are circulating : (Mumbai Mirror)
~hope chidambaram brings down Terrorism as he brought down the Sensex
~dont worry about the terrorist who come by vote, worry about the ones who come by your vote
~Ramu ne do sarkar banayi ek girayi

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    hitch writer December 3, 2008

    Dear all,

    Pl. find below the link to the petition which outlines the minimum action that is expected of the government. Idea is to present a humungous amount of signatures (minimum 1 million, if the media participates unitedly, this no. can go upto even 20-30 million)

    A group of people from cross-section of the society (hopefully backed by a large rally and media coverage) will present this petition to the Prime Minister around the 15 December asking for a formal reply from the Government to the action expected by the public and the timeframes within which the action should be expected.

    Requesting not only your signature on the petition but also your support to forward this to all your friends. Should your organisation be maintaining any email databases, request your support to mass email this petition request to all on your database.

    Please view and endorse the below link at Please type in your full Name. (if clicking on the below link does not take you to the page, pl. cut and paste the link in the address bar of your Internet Explorer or Firefox)

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